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NewsGator Widget Services

NewsGator’s widget services platform makes it incredibly easy for you to syndicate a wide range of content and allow you to distribute it, in the form of a widget, across the social web.

NewsGator widgets are self-contained, interactive, portable components that display text, image, sound, and/or video on any web page. Portability means site visitors can easily share them and add them to their own web pages, blogs, start pages, and social network profiles.

In short, NewsGator gives you powerful tools to build, manage and track these viral widgets that help your company to increase revenue, spread brand awareness and foster enhanced engagement with users.

Use NewsGator widgets to:

You don’t have to install any software to get started because NewsGator widgets are provided as a hosted service. Create your first widget by registering at the site and selecting content and a presentation template. Your new widget can go on any web page, blog, start page or social network.

We also provide professional services and refer to a growing network of digital web shops to help you create compelling engagement and presentation within your widget.

USA Today, Reuters, National Geographic, CBS News, Media General, Discovery Channel, Cablevision, and hundreds of the world’s most recognized companies use NewsGator Widget Services to better engage their audiences and extend the value of their brands through viral syndication of content.