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Editor's Desk for Widget Developers

NewsGator’s Editor’s Desk is a comprehensive platform that makes it quick and easy to build, manage and track widgets. This platform includes a number of current and future bolt-on tools including hosted content management, ad creation, promotion, and more. Designing widgets to be effective, interactive and potentially viral may be an unfamiliar challenge for many designers because widget designs must work well on a number of different web sites. NewsGator’s Editor’s Desk makes this a breeze.

Editor’s Desk provides a variety of pre-built templates that can be easily customized by altering colors, fonts, layouts, and images. Your widget can display your own content, prepackaged bundles, or use our powerful smart feeds that continually search the Internet for fresh, relevant information.

Editor’s Desk makes it easy to manage the content of your widget. Excluding irrelevant or inappropriate information and elevating priority content can be done with a single click. Once your widget has launched Editor’s Desk provides reports of how many have viewed and interacted with the widget and where it is spreading to.