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Data Services

Information drives key business decisions, regardless of role or industry. If you are an aggregator or provider of real-time content, you need to ensure that your subscribers have access to the widest possible selection of content, whether it’s from news media, Web sites or blogs. NewsGator Data Services provide access to millions of information sources to augment the content you already provide.

NewsGator’s data services products provide businesses with a scalable, reliable source of RSS content and metadata around the consumption of that content across the entire NewsGator Platform. The Company provides an API that clients can use to access the NewsGator Platform – the industry’s largest database of RSS content and related relevancy and behavior metadata. With this scaled, SLA-based, real-time access, clients can create new applications or features enhancing their applications with rich content and metadata from across the web.

NewsGator’s data services products are offered via a Software-as-a-Service model. Customers pay a monthly service fee that is a function of the number of API calls made per day (for a hypothetical example – 1 million daily API calls cost $10,000 per month or $0.33 per CPM). The services fee includes support and a guaranteed SLA of 99.99%.

You can choose from topical search feeds across a wide range of content or hand-select from a list of important sources. Either way, you simply pull the content via the NewsGator API and add it to what you provide your subscribers. There’s no extra work for your researchers and no technology to maintain.