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Widget Analytics - Metrics and Reports to track Performance

Among the most powerful aspects of NewsGator widgets are the analytics and tracking data that come with them. NewsGator allows you to build widgets that are highly portable and can be shared on websites, blogs, personal homepages or social networks. Your widgets can even be integrated with external ad and analytics servers, allowing you to monetize them based on how often people view and interact with them. To view the analytics data, click on the “statistics” tab on the upper left portion of the home screen.

This statistics page is designed to give you an overview of how your widgets are performing. You’ll see a list of all widgets in your account on the left panel, with empty checkboxes next to them. To view the data, all you need to do is check the boxes next to the widgets; the data shows up on the right panel.

You will note that the data is broken up between home site and descendant sites. What’s the difference?

The following statistics are available for both the home site and the descendant sites:

To the right of the page view, impression, click through and other interaction data for your widget’s descendant sites, is the inheritance data. This includes:

Note that Editor’s Desk allows you to view trended data for your widgets. All you need to do is toggle the list of trend options to the upper left of the reporting chart. The options include:

To view the complete inheritance reporting data, you’ll need to click on the “manage” tab in the upper left portion of your home screen. Then, click on the “reporting” tab to view the full data for each widget you’ve published. This will allow you to see where your widgets exist on the internet after users have picked them up from their original (home site) location.

Once you select the appropriate date range (above the “inheritance tree” and “domains” tabs), you can then select the location from which you would like to see metrics.

In the “Inheritance Tree” view, you can see the parent location (which is the home site where the widget first appeared) and all of the other locations that the widget appears when people use the “get this” feature to put it on their own sites. When you click the ‘+’ sign next to any location, you can see the other children sites that have picked up with widget. (Note that each widget that has been shared from its initial parent location/home site can have descendants, and that each descendant can have any number of additional descendants.)

Once you select a date range, you can analyze the statistics. On the right side of the page you’ll see a table showing impressions, click through rate, other interactions, and interaction rate for the overall widget ‘instance’ as well as for each of the descendants (if there are any).

Alternatively, in the “Domains” view, you also can see a breakdown of the statistics by domain.